Welcome to Ceres DAO


Ceres DAO is the world's first decentralized digital asset management protocol based on DAO governance and empowered by Web3. Ceres DAO builds a new standardized DeFi investment model that provides a non-custodial and decentralized crypto asset management service.

In terms of its governance structure, the Ceres DAO is a community-driven organization that gives DAO members a flexible way to take part in investment decisions that traditional venture capital fund models can't match.

It will also make it easier for people to join DeFi, giving them more access to investment opportunities and returns without having to deal with volatile assets or actively manage their capital.

Ceres DAO uses a weighted voting rights model or an AB share model. The two main tokens in the Ceres DAO ecosystem are the CES and the CRS, where the CES token is an equity token and the CRS token is a secondary market liquidity token. The CES token and the CRS token are 1:1 in terms of price.

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