Ceres DAO Investment Process

Investment DAO is a decentralized organization that invests in a group format, and any user who holds CRS can participate in the investment decision-making process and has the right to vote. The more CRS a user holds, the greater their voting power, and they also have the right to co-invest in high-quality projects.

After the investment DAO selects and investigates the project, a corresponding research report will be issued, followed by an online project roadshow. Users holding CRS tokens can propose proposals and exercise their voting rights by pledging the number of tokens or using snapshot mechanisms. The snapshot mechanism will check the governance token balance in each wallet and allocate voting rights based on that balance without locking the tokens, which helps to avoid users influencing the vote by purchasing more tokens after seeing the proposal content. After the vote is over, the investment decision will be executed on the chain through a smart contract based on the voting result.

The income generated from investment can be distributed through airdrops to token holders or through staking mechanisms. Users can receive corresponding profit distributions by staking ratios, and all processes will be completed on the chain with smart contracts ensuring full transparency.

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