DAO Value Consensus

DAO-based Decentralized Digital Asset Management Protocol for Web 3.0

As the crypto market was driven by the bullish market in 2021, various tracks have begun to invest and finance in full swing. DAO has also earned the attention of market investors in the past two years. Unlike traditional crypto VCs that operate as corporate entities, Ventures DAOs (or investment DAOs as we commonly call them) are starting to shine, and the market is predicting that investing in DAOs will be the next trend, mainly because it frees up talent from the traditional corporate framework and if the community performs well in terms of governance, every member can get a piece of the action.

A report from Dovemetrics states that of the 84 investment DAOs included on the site, 561 investments have been made since the inception of these investment DAOs. On average, an investment DAO has closed 25 investments. In terms of the investment amount, the average traditional crypto VC (excluding investment DAOs) invested $20.5 million in 2021, compared to $6.2 million for investment DAOs. In terms of investment tracks, Defi is still the favorite track for investment DAOs, and in addition to the overall crypto market's investment fervor for Defi, a large part of the reason is that some investment DAOs tend to provide additional services to their members by providing funding to some Defi lending agreements and DEX.

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