Ceres DAO Post-Investment Management

  • Investment agreement execution

After conducting thorough research on the project, the investment research team will form an investment research report. After the project roadshow, users will vote to decide whether to invest. If the full team's vote reaches 67%, the investment will be approved and executed through a smart contract on the blockchain.

  • Project tracking

The investment research DAO will track all the dynamics of the project, keeping in touch with the core members of the project, and periodically writing post-investment management reports.

  • Project governance

According to the actual situation, participate directly/indirectly in the formal/informal governance of the project.

  • Value-added services

According to the needs of the project, a series of value-added services can be provided to the project party, such as business consulting, technical services, brand support, investment support, community support, and other business support, etc.

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